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Teams work at their best when they are aligned and capable. It's easy to fall into the pattern of planning and delivering, without recognising that creatiivity has given way to group think -- or stakeholder engagement has been replaced by the occasional email. Our experiences for teams can re-energise and refocus your people.

Experience Details

Excellent for a project kickoff, programme review or development day, our tailored experiences unlock team potential and provide focus for the road ahead. Contact us for more information on how these experiences can be scaled and modified to suit your specific needs.

Change Management Challenge

Change Management Challenge is an experience in which up to 30 participants plan and implement a year long change programme in one day. An interactive simulated business environment allows participants to interact with stakeholders to diagnose challenges and plan activities to successfully implement the programme. Guided by an expert facilitator, participants will be exposed to best practice and internal/external change models along the way. To complement existing company tools and resources, the structure and content of the experience is fully customisable to the specific needs of the organisation.

Business Meeting
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Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge is a full day experience in which up to 30 participants learn and practice core design thinking skills as they step through the essentials of an innovation project with an engaging and realistic scenario. Based on the specific needs of the group, the facilitator will guide participants through a deep dive on design thinking tools and techniques, exploration of innovation opportunities within the organisation, or identifying opportunities to shape the organisation's culture.

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab is a 2 day design sprint in which up to 20 participants apply design thinking in the context of a real work challenge. An expert facilitator will guide participants through the entire design thinking process as they uncover new insights around the organisational challenge. Participants will observe and interview users, create experiments and transform insights into opportunities.

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Transformation Challenge

Transformation Challenge is a 2 day experience in which up to 30 participants acquire and practice the essential skills for transformation. From ideation and experimentation through to implementation, participants will complete the Innovation Challenge followed by the Change Management Challenge.