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Critical components of any professional development journey, design thinking and change management are key capabilities for any modern organisation. Our courses offer a unique, appealing way to raise awareness and provide hands-on experience with these capabilities. Your people will walk away more capable and more prepared for the next steps of their development.

Experience Details

These experiences provide engaging learning interventions which your organisation can use as unique ingredients for your people's Professional Development journey. Contact us for more information on how these experiences can be scaled and modified to suit your specific needs.

Change Manager

Change Manager is a course in which up to 30 participants gain the experience of planning and implementing a year long change programme in one day. An interactive simulated business environment allows participants to interact with stakeholders to diagnose challenges and plan activities to successfully implement the programme. Guided by an expert facilitator, participants will be exposed to best practice and internal/external change models along the way. To complement existing company tools and resources, the structure and content of the course is fully customisable to the specific needs of the organisation.

Business Meeting
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Design Thinker Lite

Design Thinker Lite is a 90 minute course which introduces participants to the fundamentals of innovation and design thinking. The immersive experience uses technology to expose participants to a realistic innovation scenario in which they can begin to develop the essential skills, mindsets and behaviors which maximize creativity and collaboration.

Design Thinker

Design Thinker is a full day experience in which up to 30 participants learn and practice core design thinking skills as they step through the essentials of an innovation project with an engaging and realistic scenario. An expert facilitator guides participants through using tools and techniques to unlock creativity and ingenuity in the organisation.