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Leadership Experiences

For decision makers

Leaders are constantly faced with decisions which impact their teams and other stakeholders. Our experiences provide an opportunity to reflect and try new things in a safe environment, using state of the art business simulations to provide instantaneous feedback.

Experience Details

These experiences are recommended for mid and senior level leaders. Content and format will be tailored as required for specific objectives.

Change Leader

Change Leader is an experience in which up to 20 leaders come together to focus on the importance of change leadership. In teams, leaders will plan and implement a year long change programme in a simulated business environment, with ambiguity and various constraints increasing the complexity of decisions. Leaders will learn as much from each other as they do from their expert facilitator. To complement existing company resources or achieve specific goals, the structure and content of the experience is fully customisable to the specific needs of the organisation.

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Innovation Leader

Innovation Leader is a half day experience for leaders in which up to 20 participants prepare to bring design thinking techniques to their teams' real world initiatives. Participants develop a common language for innovation and find new ways to grow nascent ideas into powerful solutions.

Transformation Leader

Transformation Leader is a full day experience for up to 20 participants which combines the Change Leader and Innovation Leader experiences and allows leaders to explore the full lifecycle of change - from ideation to implementation.

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