Design thinking in action.

Innovation is about more than coming up with great ideas. To extract maximum value from your organization's creative solutions, you also need to be able to execute.

ExperienceInnovation is a family of technology-enabled, expert-led workshops built in collaboration with IDEO. The experiences introduce your people to the creative habits of design thinking, provide hands-on experience with those habits, and accelerate the journey towards mastery while taking on a real work challenge.

Individually, each workshop helps to unleash new ways of "thinking and doing". Together, the workshops enable your organization to build a culture of creativity, innovation and customer-centricity.

Make Design Thinking Part of Your DNA

Experience Innovation comes in three flavours: Aware, Learn and Apply.

EI Aware is a 90 minute experience which highlights how to bring creative habits into everyday work.

EI Learn is a half or full day experience which steps through the essentials of a four-month innovation project while tacking a realistic design challenge.

EI Apply is a two to three day workshop which tackles one of your real business challenges. It guides participants towards uncovering new insights into customer needs and generating solutions which can be explored to create real value.